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Dasher was on the mail run with rudolf and they got lost and we received some of Santa's Letters...


Choose a Nice reply with elvesworking on something special or Naughty reply where Santa knows they have been naughty this year but Santa wants everyone to celebrate a joyful Christmas so your child will be in the check twice list next year. 


Includes:1 letter on 5.5"x8" red cardstock with white ink, enveolpe with recipient's name and 1 - Gift tag from Santa with recipent's name to attach to a present. (gift box/wrapping paper and ribbon as seen in photos NOT included)


IF Sending directly to recipient please let us know so we will not include the gift tag! OR a friend/parent who can attach the gift tag to the gift - Please put the friend/parent name and address so as to not spoil the surprise.





Thank you for your wonderful letter!


I am very happy to receive it, and our head elf who looks over the naughty and nice list has informed me that you have been good this year. this makes me jolly.


The elve